WGAZ Event Bid Form closes on September 1st!

The 2023 Event Bid Form is now open! Please read the form carefully so all questions may be answered properly to ensure your best chances at being awarded an event.

A few reminders about the bidding process:

  • Events are awarded by the WGAZ Event Selection Committee, which includes representatives from Percussion, Colorguard, and Winds from across the state of Arizona.
  • The WGAZ Event Selection Committee makes its choices based on many factors, including feedback from the WGAZ Membership about things including, but not limited to, event location, venue size, and event quality.
  • Bidding on numerous dates gives you a higher chance of being awarded an event, however nothing guarantees you an event.
  • WGAZ is incredibly thankful to everyone who has hosted an event in the past and interested in hosting in the future. Please keep in mind that being an event host in previous years does not guarantee that you will be awarded an event this year.

Attached to this email is a draft of the 2023 Event Host Handbook for you to look at. There are a few updates that have been made, and a few updates that are still pending. Anything that is still pending, I tried to make sure I noted in the handbook. WGAZ included this in order to give prospective event hosts a chance to see what they are bidding on, but please keep in mind that changes to the packet may be made at any point and will be communicated accordingly.

If you are bidding on a Focus or Eval event, there are a few things that are different about those events. The Focus/Eval Event packet is not yet complete for 2023, however if you have any questions, please email [email protected] and I will answer your questions as best as possible.

CLICK HERE to bid!

We are working to get the bid form uploaded onto the WGAZ website as soon as possible. Thank you everyone, WGAZ is looking forward to 2023!